• Question: Did you enjoy school?

    Asked by JEFF to Sean, Valerie, Steve, Kath, Alex on 8 Nov 2017. This question was also asked by Benny V.
    • Photo: Sean Doherty

      Sean Doherty answered on 8 Nov 2017:

      Yes, though I enjoyed the social side more than the academic side mostly. I have started enjoying learning more as I’ve got older.

    • Photo: Kathryn Thomas

      Kathryn Thomas answered on 13 Nov 2017:

      I did 🙂 Especially secondary school.

    • Photo: Valerie Bentivegna

      Valerie Bentivegna answered on 15 Nov 2017:

      Most of the time I enjoyed school. I got bullied a bit in secondary school so that obviously was no fun. I really enjoyed uni because I got to chose what I was going to learn about, and also, fresh start and new friend 🙂