• Question: How do the live chat help develop your work?

    Asked by Son_Ali_whsgstem to Alex, Carmel, Kath, Sean, Steve, Valerie on 14 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Carmel Howe

      Carmel Howe answered on 14 Nov 2017:

      It helps me come up with new ways of explaining my work. It’s also been great for remotivating myself and getting myself excited about my research again. When you are researching you can become lost in the small details and forget about the bigger picture and how exciting the work can be.

    • Photo: Valerie Bentivegna

      Valerie Bentivegna answered on 14 Nov 2017:

      Yes, it’s helped me remotivate myself! I’ve been a bit in a slump because I am writing my thesis and that can sometimes get a bit boring. But it’s amazing to be part of this, and hearing all your questions is putting my work into a new (and exciting!) perspective.

    • Photo: Sean Doherty

      Sean Doherty answered on 14 Nov 2017:

      It’s easy to get stuck in your science/engineering bubble at work. The chats help shake you out of it and think about the bigger picture and engaging with more people!

    • Photo: Kathryn Thomas

      Kathryn Thomas answered on 15 Nov 2017:

      It’s cool explain your ideas in different ways and see what actually interests people about my work.