• Question: how long have you been a engineer for

    Asked by 265heak38 to Steve, Alex, Carmel, Kath, Sean, Valerie on 3 Nov 2017. This question was also asked by 346heak36, 542heak36, #livelovelaugh(notatme!).
    • Photo: Alex Moldovan

      Alex Moldovan answered on 3 Nov 2017:

      For about 2 years now.

    • Photo: Carmel Howe

      Carmel Howe answered on 3 Nov 2017:

      I started working in engineering in 2006…so I guess I have been an engineer for 11 years.

    • Photo: Kathryn Thomas

      Kathryn Thomas answered on 3 Nov 2017:

      Only a year, although I was studying engineering style stuff during my degree as well.

    • Photo: Sean Doherty

      Sean Doherty answered on 3 Nov 2017:

      I graduated from an MEng (engineering masters) degree a couple of years ago but started my first job in engineering 7 years ago.

    • Photo: Stephen Lang

      Stephen Lang answered on 4 Nov 2017:

      40 years!!!!!!

    • Photo: Valerie Bentivegna

      Valerie Bentivegna answered on 6 Nov 2017:

      I graduated with an engineering degree in 2013, so I guess for 4 years? (though not the whole time, I went back to uni for a semester)