• Question: What inspired your idea?

    Asked by Bobert05 to Valerie, Steve, Sean, Kath, Carmel, Alex on 13 Nov 2017. This question was also asked by Natedog, Leizel.
    • Photo: Kathryn Thomas

      Kathryn Thomas answered on 13 Nov 2017:

      It’s hard to pinpoint a specific thing but maybe the coating you get on pills which keep all the powder together until it dissolves in your stomach? Something harmless that disappears in the body and lets the stuff inside it do its work.

    • Photo: Stephen Lang

      Stephen Lang answered on 13 Nov 2017:

      I get a lot of inspiration from the natural world. It’s called biomimetics.

    • Photo: Valerie Bentivegna

      Valerie Bentivegna answered on 14 Nov 2017:

      In my research, it usually comes from speaking to people at conferences. I feel that a lot of my inspiration arises when I am telling other people about what I do, and then they ask questions that make me think differently about the problem, giving me new ideas towards a solution!

    • Photo: Carmel Howe

      Carmel Howe answered on 14 Nov 2017:

      there are a lot of methods currently available to detect brain activity but none of them can see what every single brain cell is doing all the time (for a long time!). So the inspiration for the project was to develop a new technique that could do this so we can see what the entire network is doing in response to certain stimuli all the time.