• Question: Why did you go into biomedical engineering?

    Asked by 732heak44 to Alex, Carmel, Kath, Sean, Steve, Valerie on 15 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Valerie Bentivegna

      Valerie Bentivegna answered on 15 Nov 2017:

      To be honest, I really liked all STEM subjects and didn’t want to have to choose. This way, I was able to study biology, chemistry, physics, maths,… without having to pick just one!

    • Photo: Sean Doherty

      Sean Doherty answered on 15 Nov 2017:

      At school I really liked science and PE, I thought about doing other biomedical related degrees but then decided on engineering. When I found out about medical engineering and how much different stuff there is to do in it I thought it was great and pursued that!

    • Photo: Carmel Howe

      Carmel Howe answered on 15 Nov 2017:

      when I was younger I always wanted to be a Dr. Unfortunately I didnt get the gcse grades good enough and knowing that I loved science at school and playing with things engineering seemed like a good fit.
      I found biomedical engineering at university because my tutor was involved with making this living artificial brain! I started my PhD working on this as well and I’m really glad I chose this career path. I love being technical and solving problems but still being involved in healthcare and improving peoples lives (hopefully!).

    • Photo: Kathryn Thomas

      Kathryn Thomas answered on 15 Nov 2017:

      I really liked all three sciences and didn’t want to chose between them! Biomedical engineering lets me do all of them at once.

    • Photo: Stephen Lang

      Stephen Lang answered on 15 Nov 2017:

      I wanted the challenge that designing for people could bring. I also wanted to do something for people less fortunate than I.